Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can't Sleep ... ... how are you all doing

This last treatment has really knocked me to my knees. For the most part, prior to this last treatment I have been able not to get sick. I have been very nauseous but not sick. Not so this last time. I spent the better part of two days on the floor of the bathroom. I was so ill that I called in sick on Monday and took a day off of work. I probably should have taken Tuesday as well but missing too many days is just not an option.

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately and when I do sleep I seem to be having lots of random nightmares. It is hard to keep a positive outlook all of the time when my subconscious continually reminds me of my situation. I am going back on Ambian CR in the hopes that I can get some better sleep again. I worry about taking that drug too much because it can be habit forming but at this very moment i just want some decent sleep.

Work is lightening up a bit now. Today 66 of my 92 AP Government and Politics students took the Ap Exam. I have four more that will be taking the make-up exam on the 15th so over all I had a good number take it. This year, even though I was ill and the quality of my instruction suffered i do believe that many of my students did well on the exam. Quite a few have told me just today that the exam was a lot easier than the one's i gave them and that they felt fairly prepared with answering all of the questions. I am just glad that i am not going to be grading 92 chapter exams every six days anymore. That was really starting to wear me down.

If some of you haven't heard I got a small sort of promotion at work. I am the secondary site coordinator for summer school this year at Hermiston High. This position is like Principal so it is nice o be doing a little admin work. I like summer school a lot and being able to be the coordinator has allowed for me to do some things that I have always wanted to do on my own. I got to hire a staff, build a schedule, and create my on school handbook and curriculum.

Well I am going to try and get some sleep. I have to e at HHS at 6:30 am tomorrow morning and i do need some sleep.

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  1. Hello there sir! I called the other day but must have had a bad connection. You should call me when you are in a good place to talk.
    As for the sleep, go for the Ambien! I think getting addicted to it is the least of your worries right now. You need a healthy body & mind (both of which benefit from adequate sleep) in order to take care of you girls and be cancer free.
    Take care! I hope that our schedules align one of these days when you are in Portland.