Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A long pause

Freinds and family,

It has been a really long time since I posted last. The reasons are numerous. But mostly I have been really busy healing. I have been healing with my health. Radiation was really hard on me and it really kept me from being my normal self. But I am happy to report that at this time all is looking good. I can not say that I am cancer free because it is not possible to tell whether I am or not. Since they were not able to remove two of the tumors back in Feburary and because they were so large they still have some activity on the PET scan. What the doctors are not able to tell is whether the activity is cancerous or just physiologic. They believe that I am currently cancer free but I will have amuch better idea if I am or not when I have another CT in November. They have taken VERY detailed pictures of the tumors and they will look at them again to see if they have grown or not. If they do not grow or if they shrink that is great news that I am still fighting and winning this battle. But today I feel good and am very happy to be alive.

I have spent most of my time healing the relationships with my children and wife. They have endured so much as they were with me the whole time I have been battleing this disease. I have built some wonderful memories with my family over the last few weeks. My priorities have changed a lot. I now cherish every moment I get to spend with my kids and wife. I really have been working on supporting Em. She has been through so much. She has been so strong. It has taken so much for her to emotionally be there for me. She has had so much stress with maintianing her job, raising our kids as a single mother for the most part, and dealing with her own sadness and loss.

Well I need to go and live my life. chat later