Monday, March 16, 2009

Suggestions for head coverings

One of the things I have noticed is how easily I get cold. I also know that there is a possibility that I may lose my hair so I decided to create a thread for suggestions of what kind of hat I should get. I have never been much of a hat wearer but I will need to find something.

So if you have ideas get them posted.


  1. I say du-rag.

    Adam says swimmers cap or turban.

  2. I personally like Elmer Fudd style furry hats. And they're quite stylish in the Pendleton Fashionista crowds! ;) But seriously... for cold, I recommend fleece. They have some pretty cool fleece stocking caps (not the kind w/ the little pom-pom on top... that's not really "YOU"). Look on-line under snowmobile clothing. There will be hats that are low-profile because they're designed to fit under helmets, so they're not too bulky. Wool is warm, but very itchy... cotton (the usual dew-rag material) is too thin to actually keep you warm, but is good if you lose your hair in the warmer spring/summer months. :)