Sunday, March 15, 2009

One down ... ??? to go.

Chemo went ok yesterday. The treatment lasted for a little over six hours but some of that was a pre-treatment check up with the doctor. So when I was told the treatment could take seven hours I guess they were not too far off. I thought that all was going well and I was going to get out of the treatment center early when the first three chemo drugs went smoothly. They were a "push" drug which means that they are added to a saline drip through a syringe by the nurse. The drug that was bad news was the last one! It came in a bag that was twice the size of the saline drip bags. Almost immediatly after they started it I had a severe burning sensation in my arm where the the IV was hooked up. They changed it to a pump machine to try to slow it down and added more saline but that did not help much. Finialy they added lidocaine to the bag kept it on a real slow drip and I was able to manage the burning sensation. All I can say to try to communicate how the whole first treatment went is "wowah".

On to another subject, Patti Lundy has agreed to be the contact person at Heritage for the account number to make deposits at Bank of America to help Emma Lee and I pay for gas, medical bills, and other costs that we are facing as we treat my cancer. We really appreciate any assistance we can get and are very thankful for all of the help we have had so far. So if you would like to make a donation you can either email me and I will send you the account number or you can see Patti and make arrangments with her.

thank you again. I will post again soon. I am not feeling well right now and need to rest


  1. Well, Adam & I are a little short on cash right now... but! We would like to donate another batch or two of cookies. This time you choose what kind of meat goes into them! ;) He has been doing a lot of work with pork belly & shoulder lately, but is wanting to explore the realm of rabbits. I figure you are up for anything after eating his duck confit cookies!

    (We can also make "normal" cookies if you would prefer.)

    I hope you are doing well. I spent the whole week sick in bed, Monday until today. The kids I nanny were sick when I got to work Monday morning, and I made the mistake of staying long enough so that the un-sick parent could run to the store for sick day supplies. I should have known better... Adam is now sick as well. Oops!

  2. BreAnna and Adam,

    You both have done so much for us. The companionship you helped with during my time in the hospital was so appreciated. Also Adam your cookie were so good and fun. Thank you both again and we look forward to seeing you again.